Merry Christmas Delivery

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Merry Christmas Delivery

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Merry Christmas Delivery[Post No. 1 –  4.12.2014] The game created for the holidays. Due to the relatively short time for this year’s Christmas – it will be (if any come out) very small. In the same game takes place in Santa Claus and hand out gifts. Depending on the rate at which we can deliver all the gifts (if at all successful) to households. The only obstacle is the wall sphere in which the world Merry Christmas Delivery.

[Post No. 2 –  20.12.2014] First gameplay form Merry Christmas Delivery.

[Post No.  3 –  26.12.2014] Gameplay and tutorial – Merry Christmas Delivery:

Not my resources used in Merry Christmas Delivery:

Music and many sounds used in game are from and unity asset store. A feew authors: pheonton (, gameaudio (, Redd Button Audio, KevanGC i wielu innych.

Main menu and interface buttons:

pawelwos (

Manve (

kenney (

I don’t member many authors names. I don’t write their names and now i can’t find it in my memory. So if You find You art, sound in my game – contact with me – i add Your name to author list on this site.