Ghost riders

Ghost riders – what next

I don’t have much time to develpe Ghost riders, so progress in production is very slow – sorry about it.

Today I introduce few  things about Ghost riders game. First is introducing campign which sshow how play in game. This is will something more than tutorial. Every new player must finish campign to discovere multiplayer game mode. Second thing is release date. For now i don’t know when, but i think playable version of this game (will use free content) will available when 2016 will ending. I don’t know exactly when but i think 2016 end is optymistic option for game release. The game will free – probably. I don’t put inside any ads or somethin similiar. Maybe i think in future about donation for this project (players can pay, but thesy don’t need this).

Ok for now I don’t give you more information. Now i try finish some good working weapons scripts. I fix and modify weapon code now.

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