WOLF IN GAME is one person game developer located in Poland (North-East Europe region). My name is Paweł Kołakowski. For live I’m farmer (I’m small farm owner). I like work on farm and game making. 

Here i will subbmit some information about game project which I’m actual make. In many cases game will small and progress will be irregular (I have many brakes in work in spring, summer and autumn time). The most active season for me is winter.

From childhood years i wass wondering what games have inside. For many years i will game player only. I started game development prety late. I think i was 19 or maybe 20 years old guy. Now I’m use unity engine software for game creation. I’m still unity newbie but i can make small games in this tool.

I would like made at least one popular game. I think i still don’t know how to build community and how to create complete, perfect game but i will learn and maybe my dream will come true.

If you would like contact with me (wolfingame developer) send me message to pawlo168@gmail.com.



Paweł Kołakowski